Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives Third Edition Textbook

Social Psychology is a subfield within Sociology that examines how the social world influences the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of individuals. Much of my research draws from and builds upon social psychological perspectives — specifically, concepts and ideas from symbolic interactionism and from Social Structural approaches such as the Stress Process Model.

Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives (2014), a textbook I co-authored with David E. Rohall and Jeffrey W. Lucas, examines key topics in the field with a social inequalities lens, and underscores the importance of three main theoretical approaches in Social Psychology (Social Structure and Personality or SSP; Symbolic Interaction, and Group Processes). The text represents one of the few in sociological social psychology that includes this comprehensive set of approaches.

This is the third edition of the textbook, and we believe it represents the best in the field. We welcome your feedback on the book.

See: Social Psychology: Sociological Perspectives through Pearson’s website.

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